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Health benefits of rose apple fruits
Published By beingwell on 2012-01-12 6769 Views

Let us get to know them first, before discussing the health benefits of rose apple fruits.

Rose apples (Syzygium samarangense) is known in so many names - wax apple, royal apple, Jamaican apple and wax jambu to name a few. Rose apples are characterized by their bell-shaped exterior. They come in many colors - red, pink, yellow or green. When rose apple fruits are firm and crisp, that is when they are considered ripe. The color doesn't really suggest such. Rose apples taste tangy when not fully ripe; sweet when ripened with a slight bitter taste.

Health benefits of rose apple fruits

The health benefits of rose apple fruits come from its nutritional contents: protein, fiber, vitamin C, iron and calcium. It contains no saturated fats and sugar. Rose apples have insignificant amounts of cholesterol and sodium, as well.

Found in the rose apple’s roots and barks is the alkaloid called jambosine. The health benefits of rose apple fruits to diabetics is attributed to this compound. It help lower ones blood sugar level. A property that is important, especially when one's pancreas in not functioning properly like that of a diabetic. While jambosine in rose apples is still under further study, it is noteworthy that rose apples have low glycemic index. This makes it one of the few fruits, including grapefruits and apples that are good for diabetics.

Rose apple fruits benefits not only the diabetics. Rose apples are considered good for the brains, liver and our blood. Some use its leaves and seeds as medicines against fever and asthma. Rose apple juice may be used as a natural diuretic potion. Its seeds on the other hand, may be used to treat diarrhea.

The health benefits of rose apples come with caution, however.

Too much of this fruit may be itchiness to the throat which may lead to coughing. Eating some 3-4 rose apple fruits is just about the right amount per day.

Not only the diabetics should enjoy the health benefits of rose apples. These tasty fruits provide a lot of nutritional value in our daily diets.


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