Do Bananas Cause Constipation?

Do bananas cause constipation or do they help relieve it? Don't be surprised, but the answer may go both ways.


I grew up associating bananas with constipation. When I experience the signs of constipation, I used to shy away from bananas as I had remembered my elders telling me that bananas can harden my fecal waste like a rock. Well, let me tell you now that this belief is not entirely true.

Do bananas cause constipation - this question seems to be asked by a lot of people up to this day. Most of whom are confused whether bananas are good to

eat or otherwise. I will try to put this question to rest, point per point.


Relation between constipation and bananas:

Unless one is suffering from other medical disease, or taking prescriptive drugs, constipation causes may be attributed to lack of fiber in one's diet. Bananas on the other hand contain high amounts of dietary fiber (about 3g in a 120g-banana). This amount is just about 10% of the daily recommended fiber that our body needs to prevent constipation.

In this sense, bananas are good source of dietary fiber for the body. Ripe bananas’ sleek and slimy texture is also a plus factor in moving along the waste in intestines towards the colon.

This brings me to the infamous question:

Do bananas cause constipation?  -Yes, when the bananas eaten are yet green and not ripened. Green unripe bananas contain high amount of starch

which is harder to digest. Green bananas can help alleviate diarrhea, in this case.

Do bananas cause constipation? -No, when the bananas eaten are yellow and ripened. Yellow bananas contain fibers and potassium which both help in moving bowels.

Do bananas cause constipation? -Yes, when eaten too much in a day, even those ripened bananas. Too much fiber intake with less fluid in the body may cause the stools to build up leading to constipation.

Do bananas cause constipation? -No, when eaten 1-2 ripened bananas a day while consuming proper amounts of water.

Finally, do bananas cause constipation?  -When eaten in moderation, bananas will not cause constipation problems, as to all kinds of foods.


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  • Dr.Simran  07-07-2014
    Good post for those who are still confused between constipation removing and diarrhea removing effects of bananas.
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  • Lookingforanswers  12-06-2014
    I think I have constipation from eating too many bananas (and other foods) and not drinking enough water. The constipation has been going on for several weeks. I have been juicing and consuming an all clear liquid diet for the past three days. Does anyone know how long this will last? Is there anything else I should do?
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